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The Prison Sermons
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Chapter 7: The Lordís Hatred of Racism; the Lordís Love of Brotherhood

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The Man on George Street

The Prison Sermons

The Prison Sermons are a collection of inspirational messages delivered by the author to inmates in Texas prisons. Drawing heavily from Scripture and occasionally from great classic Christian writers like Oswald Chambers, St. Augustine, Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee and C.S. Lewis, the sermons reveal the purpose of Godís law to both proclaim Godís holiness and righteousness and to make us aware of our need for a Savior. They show how Godís perfect justice requires that sin be punished wherever it is found, how this truth leaves us with Godís mercy as our only hope, and how the mercy of God is obtained through faith in Jesus Christ. The sermons address such important truths as Godís hatred of racism, true and false conversions, indwelling sin within the believer, spiritual warfare, the Signs of the Times, and dealing with the sinful nature (the flesh) as the only sure way to prevent recidivism.

About the author:

Rick Davis served as a district judge in Brazos County, Texas for more than seven years. He and his wife, Carolyn, are Texas Aggies, and have six children. Before working as a judge, he worked as a lawyer. Before that, he worked as an engineer at NASA in Houston, Texas. óLearn Moreó

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The Greek word nomikos which means "lawyer" appears nine times in the New Testament. In eight of the occurrences, lawyers are portrayed in a negative light (indeed, even today most people agree that 99% of the lawyers give the rest of them a bad name).óLearn Moreó

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